Buildings and Infrastructure

  • Finalised environmental footprinting pilots
  • Helped define an EU agenda for fire safety
  • Launched a far-reaching campaign promoting energy savings through copper tube

The European Commission (EC) invited ECI to comment on the potential policy applications for Environmental Footprint (EF) methods. Members’ views were gathered and consolidated into a position paper, calling for caution in the EC’s approach, as the EF process currently supports benchmarking with single scores based on impact categories, which ECI and global market experts agree are not robust for comparative purposes.

ECI is active in helping define an EU agenda for fire safety, for which electrical wiring in buildings plays a key role. In 2018, with the European Fire Safety Alliance, we conceived EU Fire Safety Week (EUFSW), targeting the fire safety community and its regulators, to be held for the first time in autumn of 2019. With 12 workshops, two events and 250 participants over four days, it will act as a reference event in its field, and will be a biennial event.

2018 saw significant progress in digitalisation, particularly in Building Information Modelling (BIM), an important and growing trend across Europe. BIM objects facilitate the use of copper in building design and provide long-term engagement with architects, installers, owners and planners. In addition we have advanced digitalisation of the declaration of performance (basis of CE mark) so copper products are visible in digital libraries and databases.

We also established a highly visible copper usage campaign, promoting energy savings through copper tube, presenting the benefits of copper throughout buildings, making strong cases for its energy saving potential. The first edition demonstrates copper-intensive devices that recover energy from hot water showers, and has the support of well-known downstream manufacturers.

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